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Bracken Hall Countryside Centre, Glen Road, Baildon, West Yorkshire, BD17 5EA, ENGLAND


Friday 26-05-17: Trip to Grasmere

Friday lived up to its promise of sun, sun, sun! I took the day off work and parked at Grasmere. Walking up to Alcock Tarn then down to Rydal and back along the shore of Grasmere revealed stunningly beautiful views at every turn. Pictured below - lunch spot!

Photo credit: Jules the Website Guy!

Saturday 08-07-17 Baildon Carnival

FoBHCC Chair, Secretary and Tech guy spent the day staffing our stall at Baildon Carnival. It was a nice bright sunny day with some breeze at times - good job we had our paper weights with us! Thanks also to Vera who helped out for a few hours.

We had lots of people milling past, we sold some frisbees and a few other things and gave away lots of our current flyers so hopefully generated a bit of interest.

We also met our first Twitter Follower - Lucy Wood! Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great day out!

Pictured below: Joy and John

Photo credit: Jules the Website Guy!

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Thursday 24-07-17, Silsden

Spotted this lovely Speckled wood at the side of the house this afternoon!

Photo credit: Jules the Website Guy!

Saturday 21-10-17 & Sunday, 22-10-17

Despite lousy weather on Saturday and Sunday, with driving blasts of wind and some drizzle from time to time, we had quite a reasonable number of people through the doors. The apple crumble and custard went down extremely well - and all who tried it, praised it! Well done Jan and Brenda!

Pictured below: Someone enjoying our Bracken Hall Apple Crumble whilst being artistically creative and our apple/lemon/potato-powered digital clock!

See below for a range of workshops down at Denso Marston Nature Reserve in Baildon. Click on the image to download the flyer.