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About the Friends of Bracken Hall

Chair: John Dallas

I was born in Bradford and have lived here all of my life. I attended Eccleshill Upper School, sadly now demolished, and moved away to go to college in the mid 1980's, to study Land Use Planning and Recreation Management.

Secretary: Joy Smith

I have lived in Bingley since the end of 1983 - just over half my life now - and knew Bracken Hall first as a stop on family walks, although not until after Mari and John Friend had moved on.

Having taken my sons, their friends, visitors, school groups and beaver scouts on more visits than I could possibly count, as well as using the Centre myself with various environmental / wildlife groups, I could not sit back and see it quietly disappear.  I am no longer teaching, but have continued with a few volunteer roles, mainly with Beaver Scouts and the Canal and River Trust as well as other local organisations.

Being part of the Friends of Bracken Hall Countryside Centre has sometimes been very frustrating, but there has been a will and strong vision from members and others that has seen us through so far. A new chapter is beginning and I am looking forward to being at the grand re-opening.

Please visit the Contact page for further information.

Bracken Hall Countryside Centre, Glen Road, Baildon, West Yorkshire, BD17 5EA, ENGLAND

Community Heroes Award, 20-03-14

I'm a keen naturalist and enjoy walking, hiking and tree planting with the Forest of Bradford project.

I visited Shipley Glen as a young child, as many Bradford residents used to and still do. I later came to work at Bracken Hall Countryside Centre from 1990 to 2012, employed mainly as a Countryside and Natural History Education Officer.

I'm really pleased that so many people, who felt they didn't want to lose Bracken Hall when it was closed in 2013, have now got together to help re-open this valuable resource for everyone in Baildon and all the visitors to Shipley Glen, Baildon Moor and the wider district.

I hope to see some of you on our FREE monthly walks and at our FREE family events and walks in the school holidays which encourage everyone to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and fabulous views.