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Links: Miscellaneous

The links are organized into various categories:

• Walks

• Outdoor and action activities

• Interest groups

• Nature reserves and protected areas

• Data, research and statistics

• Travel and community

• Other


The nationwide Ramblers Association is a good way to get out and about on walks with friendly like-minded walkers! You can check out their walks programme here:

Bradford Council Countryside and Rights-of-Way Service organize regular guided walks. Check out their programme here:


A short black & white film entitled Easter on Shipley Glen 1912:

Outdoor and action activities

A range of exciting outdoor activities:

An old page on the My Yorkshire website showing previous activites at Bracken Hall:

Interest groups

Friends of Baildon Moor

"The Friends of Baildon Moor is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the conservation of Baildon Moor, a much loved and popular open common bordering Rombalds and Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire. The challenge it faces is supporting a multitude of often competing outdoor activities without damaging this precious community space."

Shipley Glen Tramway

"Opened to the public on May 18th 1895, the Tramway was powered by a Suction Gas Engine, then Town Gas and then Oil (1915) before being converted to electric in 1928. The operator was a Sam Wilson who erected several other rides on the Glen. After a short closure, the line reopened in summer 1969 and continued until early 1981 when a right-of-way dispute prevented operations. The Tramway was saved by members of the Bradford Trolleybus Association with the financial assistance of Bradford Council. Operation then continued under the stewardship of Mick Leak, and his family and volunteer supporters. Today it is under the care of the Trustees of the limited preservation company and is staffed solely by volunteers."

West Yorkshire Geological Trust

"The West Yorkshire Geology Trust is a group of volunteers who work to protect and conserve important geological sites and to raise awareness of the county's rocks and landscapes. Local Geological Sites (LGS) are protected for their educational and research value."

Nature reserves and protected areas

Denso Marsten Nature Reserve, Baildon:

Canal and Rivers Trust Explorers Education Volunteers:

Travel and community

West Yorkshire Metro:

Data, research and statistics

The National Plant Monitoring Scheme

Bradford Urban Wildlife Group

Yorkshire Philosophical Society: The YPS/YMT joint project to design and install a walk-on representation of the Yorkshire part of William Smith’s 1815 Geological Map is now largely complete.

Leeds Museum Discovery Centre is a unique museum resource. Housing and caring for Leeds' fantastic collections, the Discovery Centre is a state-of-the-art storage facility.  All are welcome to visit the Discovery Centre for research or to see its unique resources.

Big Media Film: Nature, Camera, Action!

A video showing our Chair, John Dallas, making bug boxes: