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We’d love for you to support the Friends of Bracken Hall by joining up - and it only costs £5 for one year.

Of course, there are other ways you could help, either by donating, helping out with activities or even running your own activity! Continue reading below to see how you can help!

Joining The Friends of Bracken Hall

Please consider showing your support for Bracken Hall and it's planned activities by joining The Friends of Bracken Hall. Membership is now £5 per year. Please visit the Contact page and contact the Secretary for more details.

Please visit the Contact page and contact the Secretary for more information, or download one of the files below to get started!

Donating to FoBHCC

Donating to The Friends of Bracken Hall is a good way of showing direct support for the current and planned activities at Bracken Hall.

Currently, the activities are all run by unpaid volunteers who generously donate their own time. There are, however, the real and direct operational costs such as materials and website hosting support that need to be covered. Your contribution is very welcome and any amount donated will be put to good use!

Helping out The Friends of Bracken Hall

Over the coming year, volunteers will be needed to help with all sorts of things, not just activities but other projects too, such as preparing activity materials, sorting out presentation displays or staffing the building on activity days. Please visit the Contact page and contact the Secretary for more information on how you can help!

Social media

Social media websites are a great way to get word out about what's happening at Bracken Hall!

The Friends of Bracken Hall now have accounts with Flickr, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Instructional videos will eventually be posted on our Youtube channel and photos of events will be posted on Flickr.

If you attend any of our events, it would be great to give us a mention on Facebook. We've even made it easy for you; you can click the Facebook Like button at the top right of the screen!

Get your friends, parents and school involved and maybe organize groups to come and visit and spread the word on the web! You can check out our Facebook page here and our Youtube channel here.

Content submission

If you've enjoyed your visit to Bracken Hall and you're happy to have your photograph on our site, or linked to from our site, then don't hesitate to visit our Contact page and get in touch either with the Secretary or the Website Manager.

If you have skills appropriate to the kinds of activities held at Bracken Hall then get in touch! You could end up making tutorial videos or documents that we would happily host on our website or link to Youtube, for example!

FoBHCC meetings

We'd love for you to come along to our meetings! The Friends get together about once per calendar month to discuss the latest news regarding the reopening of Bracken Hall, the state of current projects and to 'brainstorm' new ideas for activities and events that can be hosted at Bracken Hall or other locations. You are most welcome to come along and give us your input and feedback!