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Milner Field Development

Milner Field Farm is under threat. You can influence what happens, and it’s easy to do so. The deadline for comments is 17 March.

There are two ways to make your voice heard (and below, you’ll find the key arguments).

The online method can be a little tricky. This is the web address you need:

The link may take a while to open so please be patient!


The other method is to send a note to:

Michael Eaglestone, Senior Planning Officer, Britannia House (4th Floor), Bridge Street, Bradford, BD1 1HX.

You could email him directly at michael<dot>eaglestone<at>bradford<dot>gov<dot>uk

but at the time of writing (05-03-17), the planning people are being awkward about receiving comments in this way.

Make sure that whatever you write:

• mentions the application number which is 15/05538/MAF

• makes clear you object

• lists your name and home address.

Use your own words – but these are the key arguments:


1) Milner Field Farm is part of the Saltaire World Heritage Site Buffer Zone and should be protected from inappropriate development. The Council’s World Heritage Officer states that what the applicant proposes will harm the World Heritage Site.

2) The proposals do not comply with local and national planning policies, notably those relating to Green Belt, the location of new businesses in city centres and on brownfield sites, the promotion of tourism in Saltaire and surroundings, the protection of local heritage (the whole Milner Field estate has special protection), the protection of World Heritage etc.

3) The site is poorly served by public transport and is accessed via a narrow, winding and dangerous road with a single track bridge.

4) Milner Field Farm is a successful business, a working dairy farm employing local people, supplying dairy produce to customers in the Bingley area. If the application is successful, three outcomes are certain: the Downs family will be evicted; farming will no longer take place at Milner Field; and a successful Gilstead business will close and jobs will be lost.

Aire Valley Incinerator

The development of a massive incinerator plant in the Aire Valley near Keighley is causing huge problems. Click on the image below to download a .pdf document to help you register complaints.