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Activities: Wild Wednesdays

Wild Wednesdays, organized by Friends of Bracken Hall and Baildon Town Council, offer a range of outdoor activities aimed primarily at youngsters, enabling them to experience nature close-up!

Drop in family activities using Shipley Glen, linked to nature and the local environment. Activities change through the year to suit the seasons and the weather. For example:

• Investigate – use magnifiers to see more detail, be creative – paint or draw what you can

  see, make a model.

• Learn about bats, owls or butterflies.

• Find out how tree seeds travel and make a model you can play with.

• Use recycled and natural materials to make a bug home for your garden.

• Make your senses work – explore the rocks blindfolded.

• Look to the skies and launch a rocket!

• Or join a short guided walk

   • through the woods looking at trees, flowers, fungi or minibeasts, listening to birds.

   • along Brackenhall Green, exploring the rocks and grassland, finding signs of animal

     activity and evidence from history.

   • up to the moor to search for fossils from ancient seas or dip in the ponds.